Welcome to the official site on the internet, - where everyone on earth get the opportunity to donate to me 0.1 US$!

Due to being lazy (at times).. And the fact that I don't really want to work (too hard at least) for the money. I have made this web page, - where the entire world is given the opportunity to donate to me 0.1$ !.. (those that feel the most sympathy with me).

And united we stand. Those of us who preferably wished life was one long vacation... Which is why those of you having sympathy with this cause, is invited (via this webpage) to donate to me 1 dime (link).

Just in order to test if my donation button works, you can try make an attempt to donate to me 1 dime here:

Why donate?

• I am not Donald Trump. Meaning, I will not spam you with non-stopping endless creepy annoying requests to support my re-election campaign.

• I am not Biden either...

• You don't have anything better to spend your money on. And can, by donating, decide to save those bucks on an extra coke. In total: This saves you money, and also supports your health...

• If you donate here, INSTEAD of buying a ticket in PowerBall, Eurojackpot or another lottery... There is an incredibly big chance you will actually save money! (think about that the next time you are about to buy a ticket in one of those lotteries).
Eric's testimony:

"I lost a 100 million Euro. Due to drawing back from buying the winning ticket in EuroJackpot, and instead donating one dime via this site, in an attempt of saving money. Worst page on the internet!
Eric, Germany - Almost winner of the EuroJackpot lottery. But didn't win.
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