What if feel scammed. And want something back for my dime?

• In that case, please contact me. I will see if I can find something to send you...

What cause am I supporting?:

• My personal economy
Now ... If just 5-10 million people find this site, and donates one dime each. It... Kind of opens some opportunities... 🤔 (without me having to work all too many years first).

• My wedding (depending I get married. Not married yet for some reason).

• Not pride or rainbow flags. As I do not support those things anyway.... (but, if I get the idea and feel I have enough energy to work on it however, you might support the development of a new anti-woke company... Based on different kind of values than pridefullness... Which would probably be nice, in the area where I live).

• Economy of Ukraine (yes, I will make sure to donate a couple of bucks into the rebuilding... ).

• You're not supporting Donald Trump or Russia in any kind of way... Or Iran. (if you have really strong anti-Israel sentiments however, I suggest you donate to somewhere else).

• A new social network that can compete with Facebook? 🤨 (I am a bit annoyed at how their poor quality feed-system works (kind of zhucks)... and, well, I was bored enough to create this website after all 🥱. Anything can happen... but no warranties given).

• The E. Musk strategy of buying companies in order to de-woke them?... If enough money.. (or, I encourage anyone with actual cash to do it at least... As far as the heads of rainbow-flagging woke companies can be influenced to make better decisions (or be exchanged with other people able to make them)). Would be nice to buy companies to change their policies/establish new ones in the spirit of "Battle hymn of the Republic", while enjoying Swedish meatballs... 👍 (ok, this will possibly require some old-fashioned real work. But maybe worth it).

Am I rich already from before?:
No, I am not Elon Musk, no... (and he actually did something to get rich.... I just created this web site... And he already owns a social network too. Which he spent $ 44B to buy I think... ).

Will this website be developed into something else in the future?:
Kind'a difficult question to answer. Time will show, time will show... 

What if I want to create a profile on this site?:
You can only donate to me via this site. ... How this website is to be developed in the future, is not decided. If you are a content creator however I recommend creating a profile at buymeacoffee.com ... or. Design a new website 😐🤔.